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Proof of Age May Be Required

If you have chosen age-restricted product(s). You may need to verify your age first.

Certain products sold on our website are only available to customers aged 18 and over. These products may include, but are not limited to, air rifles, pellets, knives and crossbows.

If we cannot verify your age we may need to ask you for proof that you are over 18. You can simply do this by uploading a copy of your driving licence or passport to our site upon request, once checked you will be verified to purchase age-restricted products.

If you do not have a scanner you can email a picture of your document to via your phone/computer or fax a copy to 01279 641535

Please note in most cases age verification is a one-off process.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, but the law requires us to take this action when supplying these products.

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